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2D Animated Explainer Videos.

A fun & engaging 30-45 second animated explainer video to advertise your product or service. Includes scriptwriting, storyboarding, illustration, animation, voiceover & sound design, treated like a studio production including a director.

Cost Range: R45 000-R90 000  /  $3000-$6000
Ideal for: Advertising, Product/Service/Website/App Promo, Agencies, Apps, Business Promo 
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Mini-Explainer, AV Presentation Videos.

A 30-60 second animated video summarizing your PowerPoint/Pitch Deck/Creative Brief into a slick animated video, using typography & simple graphics.

Cost Range: R5 000-R15 000  /  $335-$1000
Ideal for: Agencies, Social Media, Corporate, Advertising
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Social Media GIFs.

Animated GIFs are one of the ad industry’s best kept secrets, to get your customers clicking with visuals they just want to interact with. 

Cost Range: R500-R2 500  /  $35-$170
Ideal for: Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Websites
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Logo Animations.

A loopable logo animation, created with the personality of your brand in mind. If your brand is corporate, it will feel slick. If your brand is fun, it will feel quirky. Perfect for presentations, social media content, online channels, email signature… & more.

Cost: R2 500  – R8 000 /  $150 – $525
Ideal for: Anyone who has a logo
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The explainer video process.


First, we ask you a bunch of questions about your business to create the script. 

We outline the problem and creatively show how your business/product is the solution.


We then take pencil to paper to draw storyboards, allowing you to collaborate with us throughout the process.


We illustrate graphics that align with your brand. 

Now we get to see the Characters, Icons & Graphics closer to their final form.


With your choosing, we cast a talented voice-actor to fill the part, and along with creative direction, we make sure that all those oohs and aahs are perfectly tuned.


This is the good stuff.

From animating abstract concepts with shapes to character rigging & facial animations, this is where we make magic.

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